The Local Gas and SCUBA Guys

Dive Gear Servicing, Inspection and Repair

Because humans are not designed to breath underwater, SCUBA gear is fundamentally a life support system. SCUBA regulators work at extremely high pressures using innovative engineering design techniques and are subjected to one of the most non-forgiving materials - salt water.

The repairing, adjusting and testing of this SCUBA gear is not a simple mechanical task; even for the mechanically minded and those with formal engineering training. The service information and training, manufacturer-specific spare parts and special custom tools can only be obtained by certified SCUBA technicians.

With more than 20 years of diving and 15 years servicing experience we can offer a full range of equipment inspections, servicing and repairs on regulators, BCDs and cylinder valves. As a Wholesaling Service Centre, we not only supply SCUBA services to the public around New Zealand but also to other dive centres and sports shops.

All of our servicing is performed in-house using only genuine parts kits and is covered by a 6 month warranty.

If you are not sure of what your gear requires, simply come by and see us for a FREE inspection or quotation. As all gear is different and services are never the same, we cannot provide a list of prices. If you contact us outlining the type of gear you have and the work that is required, we will be able to give you a better idea of approximate pricing. Alternatively you can package your gear up from anywhere in NZ and send it to us using this SCUBA Service Repair Form.

To ensure the safety of your SCUBA gear, please send it using a tracked courier service. Please allow 10-14 business days from receipt of your SCUBA gear for our service work to be completed.